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Shemrock World
Chandigarh-Ambala NH-22, Zirakpur, Punjab (Behind Maya Garden)
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Kindergarten: EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) Curriculum, U.K.
Playway to VII (One class will be upgraded every year) - CBSE Pattern.

Principal’s Desk


We are teachers. We are friends, Philosophers, guides. We have been tasked with building lives and making future brighter. The destiny of the country lies in our hands. Let us ask ourselves are we doing our duty?

Twenty first century classroom is different than ours. Are we future ready? Chalk and talk method is out of date. There should be more emphasis on practices and real life time situations. For that we need to come up with a more expressive way of teaching. Multimedia is a useful tool. Digital technologies in the classroom must go hand in hand with innovative teaching to have a true impact on educational achievements. Innovative practices in teaching ensure better learning outcomes for our students.

We should act as a change agent. A little change in the way we teach makes us learning experts instead of teachers. As john Haiti rightly said,’ My fundamental task is to evaluate the effect of my teaching on students’ learning and achievement. The success and failure of my students’ learning is about what I do or don’t do. I am a change agent.”

It is a well known fact that we see ourselves through the eyes of others. The self conception and mental health of a student is formed according to the ways of their teachers and classmates react to them with affection, rejection or with respect. If teachers behave in a respectful and concerned manner with their students, they show respect and concerns for others. These are the basic milestones of sound mental health.

The classroom environment plays a vital role in awakening natural curiosity and inborn motivation to learn and excel in all the activities. The foremost duty of a teacher is to awaken the love for learning in the students. Teacher is not a person holding a torch and guiding the path towards better future, he should be the torch himself. Students generally keep a watch on teacher’s life. So, a teacher has to maintain a good set of manners and try to be a role model.

This implies that one should play the role of a teacher with dedication, honesty, affection and patience. He/she should have every technique to take care of not only intelligent students but back benchers too. I firmly believe that teachers with the help of parents can give a better generation to the country. Education should be measured by how many lives it has transformed, how many ideas have been raised and how many new discoveries have been made. It is possible only with commitment from all the stakeholders of the school. They should share decision making, they should have common vision. Collaboration and the establishment of the support structures should be there for teachers.

Ms. Chetan Bansal


World-Class Infrastructure
STEM Education & Design Thinking Program
Outdoor games & activities for physical development
A well stacked library
Smart Classrooms & Tech-friendly Learning System
International tie-ups for a global exposure
Highly experienced and trained faculty
Smart Science Laboratories
Hobby Clubs
Online Parent-Teacher Communication Mobile App (SchoolPad)
Shemrock Reading Challenge- To promote ENGLISH Language Speaking & Writing Skills


EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) Curriculum, U.K.
Curriculum is appropriately designed for Indian Education Standard (Montessori, Reggio Emilia & Rudolf Steiner)
Affordable top class education
Indoor Playzone- Frolic
Air Conditioned Classrooms

Age & Admission Criteria

Playway 1.8+
Nursery 2.5+
LKG 3.5+
UKG 4.5+

For Playway to VI - Interaction will be done with the coordinator
For Class V to X- Written test and an interaction with Principal. The tests will be in English and Maths




Our Philosophy is to provide each child with a culturally appropriate environment, values, love and protection needed to grow healthily in body, mind and spirit. The stimulating environment and NCERT based curriculum nurture the roots and lay the foundation to achieve success in all phases of life.



  • Individually, and as a whole, I saw first-hand how supported, safe and comfortable your students feel. I saw Oakfields core values in action as kids persevered, used their resources, showed compassion and asked their teachers for help. Anjali Jain

  • I feel so blessed every day that my kids go to the Oakfields School. You have managed to do what I assumed could not be done in a school - Neeraj Khanna

  • For the first time in his life my son jumps out of bed first thing in the morning without being told to get up for school. This school has transformed our lives Vijay Sharma